With his musical mind and natural talent for sound design, Guthrie has excelled in almost every aspect of audio engineering, from capturing the most subtle details of performance, on stage, on set, and in the studio, to sculpting sound effects, editing, mixing, mastering and achieving otherworldly and seemingly-impossible sounds in post-production and behind the scenes.

“The best musicians and songwriters have all known what it's like to hear music everywhere they go. I've heard Pat Metheny talk about listening to the vibrations and rhythms of the ocean, the wind, city traffic, and even factories and laundromats, and finding inspiration in those everyday acoustic experiences. Sting has said when he needs motivation for new musical ideas, he simply deprives himself of radio and recorded music and tunes in to the harmony of the world around him. I feel like I've been experiencing that miracle for the last 20 years or more, and I feel lucky to get to contribute in some small way to the soundtrack of our lives.”